ONYX: Sun bleached driftwood, sea salt air, misting of cypress blended into a coastal storm.

LEGACY: Aromatic bergamot with fresh lemon zest spritzing a heart of velvety rich spiced tobacco.

THE CLASSIC: Cognac, Cuban Solanaceae and fresh leather. Cedarwood. Zest for lemon. Spicy Nightshade.

CROWN: A wonderfully light complex scent with refreshing floral and earthy tones.

GOLD: Delicious and spicy! Almond, allspice, anise, cinnamon and nutmeg. All dusted with a soft powder and vanilla.

KING: The true scent of age old luxury. Spicy-sweet sandalwood with a balanced musk tone.

WHITE TIGER: Prominently masculine with an uplifting appeal of Patchouli, Vanilla, Clove, Sandalwood and Leather.

REIGN: A warm fresh blanket of crisp unharvested nightshade leaves with dashes of citrus and bay leaves.

AU.MOORE NOIR: Ozone, Jasmine, Muguet and Lemon. Gorgeous mingling of Lilac, Rose, Carnation and Lavender florals. Finally, a superbly handsome base of Patchouli, Vanilla and Rum.



CHERRY BLOSSOM: A soft bitter-sweet aroma that is less fruity, more flora.

CUCUMBER: This is a gentle scent. Cucumber, muguet, a touch of citrus with geranium, rose, soft violet and musk at the base.

GRAPEFRUIT LEMONGRASS: Eye opening blend of tangy & sweet grapefruit combined with the crisp scent of lemons & woodsy lemongrass.

GREEN TEA & PEAR: Crisp and complex. Green tea with long lasting citrus notes, sweet ripe pears, cool melons, and crisp apples that blend perfectly.

LAVENDER: Sweet, herbaceous and soothing woody connotation that is much like flowering lavender.

ORANGE GUAVA: An exotic blend of sugary guava, mandarin balm, sparkling tangerine, satsuma orange, mango pulp and passionfruit.

EUCALYPTUS & SPEARMINT: Enjoy an invigorating herbal blend of eucalyptus and spearmint with fresh citrus lemon, lavender flowers, and a hint of sage.



BLU RAZZ: Our natural flavor provides a tangy and sweet raspberry taste that will give a yummy kick.

SWEET CHERI: Ripe, juicy and succulent, our natural Cherry flavor is a must have.

TROPICAL DREAMS: Rich and creamy, our natural Coconut flavor will leave you wanting more.

MINT: Natural Peppermint provides a cooling and refreshing mint taste that makes it one of our most popular flavors.

RAZZI BERI: Natural and bursting with the hearty fresh taste of ripe raspberry, this flavor will add pizazz.

AU.MOORE FEMME: A dangerous blend of sugar dipped berries, thickly whipped cream, fragile pink cotton candy and sexy noir.



BERGAMONT: A bright, sweet scent with overtones of tartness and acidity.

CEDARWOOD:  A long-lasting, woody base with undertones of balsamic and a camphoraceous odor well as a fixative to floral and citrus fragrances.

CINNAMON: A lush, spicy and sweet fragrance with a slight woody undertone.

EUCALYPTUS:  A minty, medicinal camphorous scent that is sharp and highly pungent.

GERANIUM: A citrus and fruity accents with a hint of spice and rose.

GINGER ROOT: A peppery sharp, pungent, aromatic, and warm scent, with a camphoraceous or lemon note.

LAVENDER: A floral, charismatic, and intensely botanical scent with sweet green undertones, and spicy notes, which combine to achieve a some what woody, herbal quality.

LEMON: A scent which is distinctively clean, crisp, and citrus, with a softer, creamier aroma when applied in high quantities.

LEMONGRASS:  A fresh, lemony, grassy, earthy, and sweet aroma.

LIME: A scent which is distinctively clean, crisp, and citrus, with a distinctively tarte undertone.

ORANGE: A scent which is distinctively clean, crisp, and citrus, with a distinctively sweet undertone.

PATCHOULI: A mildly woody, sweet, and spicy scent with a earthy undertone.

PEPPERMINT:  A sharp odor that's cool, refreshing and intense mint.

ROSEMARY: A calming yet energizing, evergreen, citrus-like, herbaceous scent.

SANDALWOOD: Bright, fresh aroma and is always used as a woody base note.

SPEARMINT: A minty, fresh and slightly fruity in aroma, not as strong or sharp as peppermint


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